Previous Bible School Sessions: 2014

4th January
‘Israel: The Land’
Mike Moore, Christian Witness to Israel
1st February
‘The Prophetic Significance of the Blood Red Moons’
Roy Etherton, TAGC
1st March
‘The Role of the Watchman: Then and Now’
Rev. Alan Wharton
5th April
‘The Principles of the Prophets’
Rev. Alan Wharton
15th April
‘The Feast of Passover’
Mike Moore, CWI
3rd May
‘Genesis: Those First Twelve Chapters’
Steve Maltz
7th June
‘God's Blueprint’
Steve Maltz
5th July
‘Israel: The Messiah’
Mike Moore, Christian Witness to Israel
6th September
‘The Spiritual Significance of the Almond Tree’
Jenny Forbes, Lydia Fellowship International
4th October
‘The Book of Job’
Steve Bishop, TAGC
1st November
‘The Development of Judaism in the Exile in Babylon’
Dr. Clifford Hill, Issachar Ministries